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Marianna Dalle Nogare
Marianna Dalle Nogare
Marianna Dalle Nogare
Marianna Dalle Nogare

for information:

Place of birth Pavullo nel Frignano  (EMILIA ROMAGNA) Year of birth 1996
Residence Sestola Playing age 20/25
Accomodation Rome Height (165 cm)
Languages Italian*, American, English, Spanish (basic),  French, (basic) Dialects Emilia Romagna**, venetian **, tuscan, lombardian 
Singing Jazz, Pop, Musical, Swing, Rock, (soprano E3-C6) Musical instruments piano, guitar, keyboards, drums, Electric guitar, flute, percussion, ukulele
Dance Modern Jazz, Tap dance, Ballet, Hip Hop, Latin American dance, Flamenco, Rock’n’roll, Swing, Argentinian Tango, Vogue Sports Swimming, Tennis, Horseback riding, stage fighting, ice skating, motorbiking, skiing, weights, Yoga, table tennis
Driving licences car, scooter    
* mother tongue      ** native.    *** highly skilled
2018/20 ActingPro Theatre and Film School, Rome
2019 Workshop Audition with Federico Marsicano, Rome
2019 Workshop “10 minutes” with Francesca Staasch, Rome
2019 Workshop Dubbing with Giorgio Borghetti, Rome
2015/18 Bernstein School of Musical Theater (BSMT) direct by Shawna Farrell , Bologna
2019 SOGNI Angelo Longoni small role  
2019/20 BALLIAMO SUL MONDO Chiara Noschese Nicoletta Teatro Nazionale, Milano
2018 BIG FISH Saverio Marconi Ensemble Teatro Duse
2018 THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK Mauro Simone Sukie (lead)
2017 BERNARDA ALBA Saverio Marconi Cover Angustias
2017 ALL SHOOK UP Mauro Simone Ensemble Teatro Duse
2017 COMPANY Shawna Farrel Amy (supporting)  
2016 TITANIC Gianni Marras Ensemble Teatro Comunale di Bologna
 2020 FILASTROCCHE DELLA LUCE NERA Angelo Longoni     
2019 LOTTA DI CLASSE Marianna (lead) Teatro Argot, Rome
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